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Body Piercing, Anatomy For Body Piercers, Eyelash Extensions Grafting, Eyebrows Shaping & Tinting, Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup, Hair Extensions Training, Spells & Rituals, Tarot, Numerology, Children's books.

With all our training manuals we have tested them on students new to each trade to be certain that most students will be able to work their way through the manual without the help of a teacher. If you are not good at your trade you will think it is just something your not good at and give up. We believe you can be better than good if you have the right training and know how to practice before you work on a friend or family member. 

Training Manuals:-

Body Piercing Basics. More

Body Piercing Training ManualStep by step body piercing instructions for students .

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Body Waxing

Face & body WaxingStep by step instructions of all body waxing procedures. More info

Wax training Book
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Anatomy For Body Piercers  

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Eyelash Extensions Grafting Training Manual

Eye lash extensionsStep by step  eyelash extension, grafted eyelashes,
false eyelashes and party lashes  instructions for students.  More info

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 Updated book can be found on http://www.beautyschoolbooks.com

Eyebrows Shaping And Tinting To Suit Face Shapes

Book Eye Brow ShapesEyebrows made an amazing different to the face it is important to know how to shape then to suit different face shapes. Step by step instructions for Students.  More Info

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Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup Micro-pigmentation. More info

A full training manual that follows all the Australian and International training proceedures. Robyna was chosen in 1993 and again 2007-2014 to assist with the writing of the standards for the beauty industry.

Book Size 6x9 inches with  388 pages

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TG-Cosmetic Tattoo Training Manual
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An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist

By Robyna Smith-Keys

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An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooist Paper Back Book in either Black and white or full colour.
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This book " An Angel For Cosmetic Tattooists" was written for  some helpful revision . Yet mainly because not everyone can afford a full training manual. Should you be considering to become a Cosmetic Tattooist I strongly recommend you purchase the above manual. "Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation, Training Manual. If you are pondering on weather or not to become a Cosmetic Tattoo Technician then by all means start with this book.

It saddens me greatly that technicians when learning the art are not always taught the most important techniques.

  1. How to hold the machines pen.

  2. How to position the client.

  3. The importance of moving around the client.

  4. How to reduce swelling during the procedure and the importance of reducing the swelling.

  5. How to mix pigments to work with the clients undertones.

  6. The correct needle depth for each skin type.

  7. Cleanliness during the procedure and client comfort.

  8. Pointillism is at 90 degrees to the skin and no other method should be used.

  9. How to make lines that do not look like wriggles.

  10. You cannot take part in a 5 or 10 day course and start working on clients. You need at least a hundred hours of practice with your machine. On oranges, raw pork skin, leather and rubber practice faces.

  11. You should enrol in a course where they have you do all your theory via web-conference and via email first. Do your practice at home first before you attend a Beauty School for your training.

  12. You need to know the very best pigments to use and what they contain.

You cannot learn this art in 5 to 10 days. I have been performing this art for over 50 years and I am still learning. Throughout my career I have often got to a point where I have felt totally confident , then wam, I come up against a client I cannot work on or a client that should not have the procedure. These clients and other types of clients send me back into research mod.

If you think your learning and practicing and research are done, then you will always be an average technician.


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Hair Extensions Training Manual

Hair Extensions DIY TrainingStep by step instruction with a the offer of help
from a teacher via web conference. More Info

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Natural Organic Skincare BookNatural Organic Skincare Mixing

Mix your own cures for aging skin and acne. Buy ingredients at the supermarket. More Info

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Numerology Basics

Numerology Book For beginersStraight to the point Numerology.
Your Birth date number and its meaning.
The yearly lessons number and its meaning. More Info

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Supernatural Books:-

Spells & Rituals Packs & Book

Spells & Ritual BookSome people pray for what they want others light
a candle these acts are called Rituals. Spells are
rituals. We guide you through each spell casting
to perform your ritual.  More

Spells/Ritual Packs

Tarot Scrolls 0-22

Tarot ScrollsTarot scrolls are based on numerology and the
Major Arcana Tarot cards. They are a DIY Psychic
in a book. Pick three scrolls for past present and
future  reading.  More Info

Book On Psychic Fortune Scrolls

Children's books:-

 Child Book Romeo and Julliette Keep Mark Antony
Romeo And Juliette Keep Mark Antony

Mark is born on a boat while Romeo owner is
travelling around Australia.

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Child book Mark Antony Marries Lizy By Robyna Smith-KeysMark Antony Marries Lizy And Has Puppies

Mark Antony grows up gets married. He has puppies
and is uncertain about how to act with the puppies.    

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